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SPP Transmission Settlements Project

Member testing for the SPP Transmission Settlement Timeline project began March 10th in the MTE environment. Included in this project are business process changes for Transmission Settlements which will result in changes to member data submission due dates and settlement posting dates for a given invoice month. Specifically, as stated by SPP, this is a "process change for transmission settlements to shift the timeline for daily settlement postings (PTP) in a given invoicing month to include the previous month's 24th day through the current month's 23rd day. This change will allow for more timely closing of the month end processes and postings."

Additionally, it will include enhancements to the TC Transmission Data Submissions. The MIPO may be accessed in the project folder and includes full details on these changes and the member testing plan.

The full calendar, including posting and submission due dates, may be found on the MTE Portal. A Known Issue Log has also been posted to the project folder.

Relevant project dates include the following:

· New/Updated Settlements Web Service versions enabled in MTE: February 15, 2022

· Member Testing in MTE: March – April 2022

· New/Updated Settlements Web Service versions enabled in PROD: April 21, 2022

· Implementation in Production: May 2022

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