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SPP Markets Release 2.10

SPP Markets Release 2.10 was originally contained in the Uncertainty Product development. This release includes three system changes.

Changes in this release include:

  • Enhanced intra-day reliability unit commitment

    • Fast-start resources are essential to the reliable provision of energy. These resources typically have short startup times, low minimum run time requirements and faster than average ramp rates. These characteristics provide the needed flexibility for managing the operational challenges SPP faces. Although the need for fast-start resources could potentially decrease with the implementation of ramp market products, SPP anticipated continuing to encounter unforeseen circumstances that will require a fast-start market product/service. While SPP currently has a participation model for fast-start resources, many market participants believe the model’s compensation principles are lacking and do not adequately incent participation of fast-start resources, thus this change has been implemented.

  • Day-ahead supply adequacy timing changes

    • The Day-Ahead Supply Adequacy study currently is executed by 1200 Central Prevailing Time on the day prior to the Operating Day. This leads to inaccurate accounting of tags because most tags are not set until later in the day. This WRR will move the execution of the Day-Ahead Supply Adequacy study to be executed by 1700 Central Prevailing Time on the day prior to the Operating Day

  • Partial participation entity dispatch enhancements to SPP Western Energy Imbalance Market (WEIS)

    • Partial Participation Resources (PPRs) receive a Dispatch Instruction equal to their observed SCADA MW since they are not dispatchable in the WEIS Market. While this is appropriate for some PPRs, SPP has observed that some PPR resources will start moving towards their load and tag obligation when these obligations change. Due to the echo logic WRTBM has a 10 minute lag for this movement. This WRR will allow Balancing Authorities to communicate to SPP which PPRs should be expected to follow a schedule and which PPRs should be echoed. PPRs that are communicated to follow a schedule will be ramped towards that schedule when the schedule changes.

This activation has occurred as of today, January 17, 2023.

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