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SPP has been busy in regards to settlements. Their new Settlements System is anticipated to launch in May 2019. Currently the SPP is at what they are calling ‘milestone 2″. They are working on the functionality of the new systems core calculation engine and data user interface. Next up on the settlements system replacement timeline will be in February 2018. SPP is looking for settlements system replacement liaisons. Please contact Sonya Hall at SPP Production Updates are as follows: MSS 2.12 will go into production next week on December 14th. The main takeaway from this release is that settlement statements will be available at the asset level. Two items were also taken out of this release (RR220 & RR235). These will be in the February 1, 2018 release. MSS 2.13 will go into affect on April 19, 2018 This release will include the following:

  • Enhance member facing settlements UI

  • MCR configuration identification

  • Mitigated energy offer for regulation deployment adjustment settlements

Testing will begin February 8, 2018 – April 2, 2018

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