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SPP proposes Western Energy Imbalance Service Market

Southwest Power Pool (SPP) has announced to western utilities its proposal for the Western Energy Imbalance Service market (WEIS) it intends to launch in December 2020. The wholesale electricity market will balance generation and load regionally and in real time. SPP will administer the WEIS on a contract basis, meaning utilities do not have to be a member of the SPP regional transmission organization (RTO) to participate. The market will centrally dispatch energy from participating resources throughout the region every five minutes, enhancing both the reliability and affordability of electricity delivery from utilities to their customers.

To be prepared for joining the SPP WEIS, western utilities will need to complete several registration and system readiness steps. Adapt2 has experience in not only tracking market impacts to existing participants, but also helping companies preparing to enter new markets. Understanding the needs, processes, and impacts of joining a wholesale market allows Adapt2 to guide clients to a seamless transition.

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