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SPP Marketplace Web Serice Changes

SPP Marketplace Web Service version changes went live on August 5 including transitioning to Energy Web Service_v18, Energy Notify Web Service_v18, Reserve Web Service_v10, and Reserve Notify Web Service_v10. As of July 15, Energy Web Service_v16 was retired and as of September 20, other existing versions such as Energy Web Service_v17 will be retired.

Adapt2 created the necessary updates to transition your system to the new versions of the following Web Services as part of the 4.9.01 release for SPP Market Participants:

o Energy Web Service V17

o Energy Notify Web Service V17

o Reserve Web Service V9

o Reserve Notify Web Service V9

In July, an updated version of the FERC Order 841 Program API specifications was published in the Future Tech Specs folder. All changes are already effective in MTE and have not changed since May 2021.

The following is a summary of changes made to the technical specifications for Web Services that implemented as part of the FERC Order 841 Program:


· No operation additions or changes

· Updated XSD/WSDL files and documentation scope is limited to

· GetEnergyMSROperatingLimitSet

· GetEnergyMitigatedOfferSetByDay

· PostEnergyMitigatedOfferSet

Updates include:

For GetEnergyMSROperatingLimitSet, OperatingLimitSet is now MSROperatingLimitSet in the XSD for Energy v_18.

For GetEnergyMitigatedOfferSetByDay and PostEnergyMitigatedOfferSet, MitigatedOfferSet now shows the correct reference in the XSD, indicating a reference to MWProcePointType in the Energy XSD and not the Common XSD.

No changes to the services themselves have been made and no changes are planned at this time. This is strictly an update to correct the specifications and documentation. Due to the limited scope of this update, no adjustments to testing or productions schedules are expected.

Adapt2 is happy to provide your organization with relevant market updates.

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