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SPP will GO LIVE with Market Release 1.24 tomorrow. This release includes the following business impacts:

  • Mitigated Energy Offers for Regulation Deployment Adjustment Settlements

  • Miscellaneous Enhancements and Defect Fixes

Market Impacts are as follows:

  • An enhancement providing MPs icing forecast data with traditional wind forecast data for each VER anytime that an icing forecast is created.

  • An update to the schema so that UP/DOWN is accepted and MIN/MAX is not for GetMarketVrlSetByDay, GetMarketVRLByIntervalSet, GetMarketVRLByIntervalSetByDay, and MUI Violation Relaxation DAMKT/RTBM screens which currently return ‘Internal System Error’ when VRL CapacityViolationLimit records are read in with the UP and Down values

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