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Preparing for MISO Market User Interface (MUI) 2.0

MISO is currently undergoing a Market System Enhancement (MSE) program to modernize the MISO Energy & Ancillary Services Market system. As part of this initiative MISO participates are required to transition to a new Market User Interface (MUI) which will meet future needs of performance, usability, reliability and security.

The MUI 2.0 Member Readiness Application is now available and allows MISO to gauge member engagement and readiness throughout each phase. Members are responsible for updating their readiness status through the two-year effort on a monthly and as needed basis. The application is accessible to any member with a MISO certificate.

Migrating over to the MUI 2.0 application will require a change for participants using the DART application from current Web Services/XML based design to a RESTful APL/JSON design with an OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) Schema. This change will impact market participant’s submissions, energy awards, prices and more.

“What we see most times is there is a lot of reaction and that just slows processes down and creates a lot of inefficiencies. That’s a big reason why we are with Adapt2 because we know that they are not going to wait for anything to change but rather be the agent of change.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Director of Electric Procurement

As of April 1st, member development and testing has begun. Adapt2 is known as a proactive solution for market changes and is undergoing all necessary changes to ensure our clients in the MISO markets have a seamless experience in this transition and feel fully ready to run parallel operations at the next member readiness checkpoint.

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