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5 Minute LMP Data Availability

Please see notes from the PJM Tech Change Forum below for more information

• Based on member requests, the following data will be available beginning March 6 for testing purposes for the operating day of March 5 – Five Minute Real-Time LMPs – Daily only – Five Minute Ancillary Services Prices – Daily only

• Data Miner 2 beta environment will provide UI and API interface to access this data • These Real-Time LMPs will be considered test data and will not be used for any settlement calculations.

Note 1: PJM is publishing the LMP data solely for member testing purposes only. These LMPs will be available in the Data Miner 2 train environment until April 1. After April 1, the verified LMP data will be available in Data Miner 2 production

Note 2: This data will be available in Data Miner 2 only. The csv files posted on will remain the hourly LMP values

April Update:

• Hourly RT and DA LMP flat files will no longer be posted on after April 1 2018 • Operational Data Page will be available in April 2018 with 1 year parallel period • Evaluating “Mock Shutdown” in May 2018. More details to follow • Existing flat files will be retired approximately one year after Go Live. Targeting August 15, 2018 to begin retiring existing postings

The February 21st Tech Change Forum also discussed API Changes. Please ensure you or your third party software provider has monitored and confirmed feed names, feed short names, and current URLs.

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