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PJM Retiring the Legacy MSRS Tool

After running in parallel operations with the refreshed MSRS (Market Settlements Reporting System) tool since March 31, PJM retired the Legacy MSRS tool on Wednesday, July 14. Users will be able to access invoices and reports only through the refreshed MSRS tool moving forward.

Users should have switched their access points to the refreshed MSRS tool to the MSRS Tools page on Additionally, users should have switched all browser-less access points to the refreshed MSRS updated protocols, which include two-factor token-based authentication and Command Line Interface (CLI) functionality. Single User Multi-Account (SUMA) capability is enabled within the refreshed MSRS tool.

With the market change, however, PJM has found issues with the following:

1. Files not correctly zipping

2. Published data not correctly loading in the Synchronized Reserve Tier 1 Charge Summary Report

PJM will be working to correct these issues by Wednesday, July 21st.

Looking forward, the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication in MSRS is scheduled to have an opt-in implementation in 3Q 2021 with mandatory use in 1Q 2022.

Thank you for your cooperation. Adapt2 will update your organization with more details as they become available. Stakeholders should contact with questions regarding this retirement.

Other supporting documentation may be found below:

· Refreshed MSRS Demonstration

MSRS Refresh FAQ

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