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PJM Migrates to Data Miner

On July 20, 2021, PJM will retire the eDataFeed and migrated to Data Miner. PJM has asked participants to familiarize themselves with the related data streams in Data Miner which is now the central data repository and interface for PJM public data; Data Miner was made with reliability and ease in mind.

Key features of PJM’s Data Miner include:

· Unified / highly available interface for all PJM public data

· APIs available for system to system integrations

· Metadata available

· Large Data Export feature available

· Up to one million rows

· Up to 50K Rows per fetch

Additional upcoming changes include:

· New feed for Fast Start Run Ancillary LMPs posting

· Enhancements to Five-Minute Unverified LMP data to include RT SCED multi—approval

· New feed for five-minute marginal emissions

A list has been posted to help users map eDataFeed data to the equivalent Data Miner data. Details regarding Data Miner tool is available on the PJM Tools Page.

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