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PJM will be implementing the Intraday Offers market change effective November 1, 2017. This market change will allow PJM members to modify certain generator and ancillary service offer parameters at an hourly granularity (as opposed to the current daily offer granularity). Adapt2 has been following this market change and it's impacts to Adapt ISO.

  • Update existing Regulation Update submit

  • Update existing Schedule Selection submit

  • Update existing Spinning Reserve Update submit

  • Update existing Unit Update submit

  • Create new Schedule Detail Update submit

  • Create new Schedule Offer Update submit

Adapt2 ISO changes will be released on the following schedule:

  • Inbound API specification changes will be available in mid-August

  • A development environment release will be available in mid-September

  • A production environment release will be available in early October

As we get closer to PJM's implementation, we will update you with exact dates.

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