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PJM Authentication Changes

As part of the MSRS Refresh Project, PJM will be addingtoken basedauthentication with PKI, this will replace the current basic authentication. This change will impact all members who access MSRS through the browserless interactive. 

The MSRS Refresh Project will provide the following improvements:

  • Improve browser compatibility

  • Create consistent User Interface (UI) that mirrors other PJM tools and applications

  • Create a more supportable framework

  • Increase security with standard token based security for authentication

  • Maintain single user multi-user capability

  • Improve report request performance

  • Support enhanced functionality

  • Minimize impact to users for browserless report requests

The MSRS will be in production during Q1 2021, the Adapt2 team will be reaching out to clients to ensure they are prepared and trained on these changes.

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