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NEISO Balances Emissions and Incentives

The President and CEO of ISO-NE reached out to senators to inform how the ISO is working towards improving its emissions reductions, but also maintain the market incentivized for investments.

ISO-NE is improving its market system, ESI, to help maintain the demand of energy during severe cold weather. The ISO is also working with stakeholders to accommodate the entry of state-sponsored resources in the FCM while insuring that prices still incentivize investments. Lastly, the ISO has worked (over two decades) and is working towards implementing state of the art market designs, which have led to successful power system operations, an impactful reduction in emissions and the lowest wholesale energy prices in two decades.

Adapt2 is tracking these regulation changes and efficiency initiatives as it impacts whole sale market generation, retail, and financial participants. With discussions in the committees, new energy products, settlement details, and operating requirements are likely to emerge as the new standard. It is important to be ahead of the curve for Adapt2 and it’s clients in order to understand the impacts, invest in the changes, and be prepared for any technical and business operating impacts.

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