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MISO Short-Term Reserve

The MISO Short-Term Reserve (STR) is a new ancillary service that will be included in the Day-Ahead and Real-Time Market co-optimization of all Energy and Operating Reserves products. STR is designed around current out-of-market operator actions and is known as a rampable 30-minute capacity provided by online or offline resources to be converted to energy within the STR deployment period (30 minutes). This helps to recover limits and adds flexibility.

MISO developed the STR product to provide a market-based solution for addressing market-wide, sub-regional, and local short-term reserve needs and align its markets with the operational challenges that drive STR needs. MISO has scheduled the implementation for December 7, 2021.

Key features of the STR service include:

  • 30 Minute Ramp Response Time

  • Offline and Online Services Capacity Eligibility

  • Co-optimization with Energy and Ancillary Services

  • Locational Requirement

MUI 2.0 transition is required to submit STR offers; for those clients who utilize STR parameters, Adapt2 advises clients to migrate prior to December 7th. For more information regarding STR, review the STR presentation posted by MISO here. Thank you for your cooperation.

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