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Adapt2 Solutions would like to bring to your attention the MISO MUI and API changes. The newest MUI release (v 3.1.2) containing several important and anticipated changes has been deployed to the CCE environment.

Our team has tested these changes and we are prepared for the deployment for our clients. This change will specifically impact Financial Schedule submissions made via API and/or vendor applications.

The updated specifications may be found here. According to MISO, this release will require that 24 hourly values are submitted for Financial Schedules, meaning that both the hour and MW be included in hourly segments for a financial schedule submission; null values will no longer be accepted and will return an error. If your organization submits 24 hours, you will not experience any problems. If your organization only loads 2 hours, Adapt2 will not submit 0’s for the rest of the hours. Your organization must provide a value for every hour to accommodate for this market change.

Also included in the release are enhancements to provide an ability to receive bundled dispatch notifications (production only), and enhancement for the copy/paste feature. This is MISO’s implementation of the “quick entry” feature. The release also includes bug fixes, including a fix for the issue where new Asset Owners had problems creating a portfolio.

For your reference, all MISO MUI-related documents may be found here. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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