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MISO Market Portal: MUI 2.0 Updates

MISO’s Market User Interface (MUI) is undergoing modernization to meet future performance, usability, reliability, and security needs. This change is part of the larger Market System Enhancement program (MSE) to modernize the MISO Energy & Ancillary Services Market system.

Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) has finished Phase 1 of its market portal redesign and has now finalized the design and implemented a testing environment ahead of the planned rollout of the new system in the Summer of 2021.

MUI 2.0 Time Line: Phase 1 – Customer Engagement (Jan. 2019 – March 2020) – Complete Phase 2 – Member Development and Testing in CCE (April 2020 – June 2021) – Ongoing Phase 3 – Parallel Operations in Production (July – Oct. 2021) – Pending Phase 4 – Legacy Retirement (Nov. 2021) – Pending

Client Readiness and Input: As part of its current roll-out of Phase 2, MISO is asking the approximately 290 market participants that use the Market User Interface, the primary interface into the Energy and Operating Reserves Market, to indicate their progress in transitioning to the newly developed MUI 2.0 that is now available on the externally facing test environment (CCE).

MISO has developed the MUI 2.0 Readiness App to facilitate market participant status tracking. MISO is asking that each market participant open up the Readiness App and update their status monthly. The app consists of one simple question and should take less than a minute to update. At this time only 37 of the 290 market participants that use the MUI today have entered their status (less than 13%).

Adapt2 Solutions is working with our clients to provide updates on our progress and coordinating with the ISO.

For more information regarding MISO’s MUI 2.0 or the Member Readiness App, please visit: General MUI 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Users can reach the Member Readiness App in two ways: 1. Using MISO Market Portal and clicking “Launch” on the MUI 2.0 Member Readiness tile. 2. Going directly to the application here.

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