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MISO FTP Servers for Load Forecast Files

MISO has built a new application to support the daily upload and view of medium-term load forecast files (MTLF) sent by the Local Balancing Authorities (LBAs). The parallel operations period is ending and as of Monday, October 6th, MISO will retire its FTP Servers for Load Forecast Files and the services will no longer be available to users. The new tool MISO has implemented replaces current processes to upload these files through MISO’s FTP server.

Now that the solution is in production and accessible using the MISO Market Portal, authenticated users are allowed to upload Load Forecast files for their LBA; it is important to note that the format did not change, but certificates are required for access. For digital certificate set-up, roles should be configured by your company's designated Local Security Administrator (LSA) through the Self-Service LSA Tool.

Adapt2 has ensured all clients who need software personalized for this change are prepared. If you would like more information on how the new tool may be used, the Load Forecast Upload User Guide may be accessed here.

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