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MISO Electric Storage Resource (ESR) Participation Model

MISO plans to go live with the Electric Storage Resource (ESR) participation model on June 6, 2022. This project relates to FERC Order 841 which allows "for transmission grid operators across the country to open their markets to energy storage, including aggregated batteries connected at the distribution grid or behind customers’ meters," as author Jeff St. John states in this article. Clean Energy Economy MN (CEEM) commented on this change saying, "This ESR model provides all market access opportunities for storage."

According to MISO, the ESR software build is in progress. MISO continues by stating, "MISO ESR software will not facilitate deployment of offline Short-Term Reserve (STR) on ESR. Under the current design, offline STR is committed by operators under the Look Ahead Commitment (LAC) process. ESRs are not considered for operator commitment in the LAC processes because ESRs are self-committed (except for Contingency Reserve deployment or Emergency declarations). ESR software can deploy ESR for offline Supplemental Reserves, which utilizes a different deployment process." It's worth noting that at launch ESR will be able to clear and provide online STR, but not offline STR.

Relevant dates to be aware of include:

May – ESR registration begins

June 6 – Tariff becomes effective

July – CCE Testing available to registered ESRs

September – ESRs start participating in MISO markets

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. To learn more about market updates, please visit

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