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ISONE hosted its 2017 Quarter Four Settlements Forum on December 7, 2017 The agenda included:

  • The Winter Reliability Program

  • Forward Capacity Market Perfomance Initiatives

  • Price Responsive Demand Full Integration

  • NCPC Cost Reallocation

I. Winter Reliabitliy

  • Charges from December 2017 – February 2018 will be allocated pro-rate on Real Time Load Obligation.

  • Estimated charges will be billed out monthly for three months, and then a true-up reflecting the final actual unused inventories will be calculated and billed

For Billing Reference Guide please visit: Settlements Forum: 2017 Q4 Presentation For Winter Payment Rate information please visit: ISONE Winter Payment Rate Program

II. Forward Capacity Market Performance Initiative

  • Joint ISONE/NEPOOL filing to implement pay for performance design which includes stop loss provisions and revisions to settlement MIS reports.

  • Retire current performance provisions such as shortage events, demand response, and external transaction penalties.

Anticipated date June 1, 2018

III. Price Responsive Demand Full Integration

  • Must offer requirements for assets mapped to resources with capacity supply obligation changes

  • Demand reduction offers to include ISO tariffs

  • DA & RT energy and reserve MIS settlement report revisions

Anticipated date June 1, 2018

IV. NCPC Cost Reallocation

  • Real time NCPC cost allocation during scarcity conditions

  • Load deviations from day ahead commitments to relieve NCPC uplift charges

  • Settlement MIS report revisions

Anticipated date June 1, 2018

The next ISONE Settlements Forum will be held on Thursday March 8, 2018 at 10am EST

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