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ERCOT Market Participant Updates for May 2020

In the upcoming month ERCOT will be implementing several market-facing changes. These changes will help give more granularity into ERCOT market operations and increase visibility into renewable forecasting.

These changes include:

  • Two new MIS postings that will replace current ERCOT Wind Forecasting Design Documentation

    • New public posting IRR Forecasting Process for downloading data associated with Renewable Generation Forecasts

    • New secure posting for criteria for IRR Forecasts

  • Total Solar Output will be included in Real-Time System Conditions display

  • “Forecasted and Actual PVGRPower Production” data display will be added to ERCOT website for system-wide actual and forecasted solar power production

  • Modifications to the Wind Integration report to include Installed Wind Capacity

  • A new PVGR report will be created

The modifications and new reports will be integrated into Adapt2’s prior to the May 26 go-live date, giving clients peace of mind that their operations will not be impacted by these changes.

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