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CAISO Summer Readiness Changes

In response to extreme weather conditions and high natural gas prices that came as a result during mid-February, California ISO (CAISO) is working toward several changes to ensure summer readiness and compliance with FERC Order 831; this initiative allows suppliers to submit fuel costs where the incremental energy bid is above $1000 per megawatt-hour (MWh). It also authorizes CAISO to verify increases in fuel prices prior to the market run to allow CAISO market prices to better reflect those costs.

Several markets impacting changes were completed earlier this year to prepare for these weather conditions and as of today, July 15th, CAISO has placed several AIP changes to their Scheduling Infrastructure and Business Rules (SIBR) application system into production.

These changes include enhancements and modifications to:

· Clean Bid Set Data

· Raw Bid Set Data

· Bid Results Data

· DA/RT Energy Bid Ceiling

· DA/RT Energy Bid Retrieval Data

The Adapt2 team has been working on ensuring that these changes are seamless for our clients.

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