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CAISO Decommission of ADS URLs

Since July 30, the CAISO ADS decommissioning of Active Directory Services (ADS) URLs has been available in map stage. On October 15, CAISO will be decommissioning ADS URLs with Certificate Trust Store Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Ciphers. New SSL cipher settings will be enforced for ADS. There will not be a change in the TLS version; it will stay as version 1.2. CAISO encourages customers to transition to the new SSL cipher settings as early as possible to avoid impacts when the new settings become enforced for ADS. Once this change is pushed into production, there will be a few Legacy URLs that will no longer be available: Clients will need to either:

  1. Add “Digicert CA” as the root certificate provider in their certificate store. This should be handled by the default trust stores. For example, if you are using an up-to-date version of Java, the default ca certs file contains the Digicert Certificate Authority files already. There is no need to change any client certificates, as they will continue to be signed by the CAISO_ISSUING_CA.

  2. Replace their custom-defined certificate store back to the default libraries in the code distribution (Java being the default ca certs files).

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