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AESO Market Initiatives

AESO is planning for several market-related initiatives related to technology integration, market sustainability and accuracy, and systems to give stakeholders accurate information and reliable resources.

Included in their market-related initiatives is the focus on the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Market Participation Initiative as a component of the DER Roadmap; its goal is to learn more about market participation and make AESO electricity markets accessible and fair. An updated version of the 2020-2021 Plan for DER Roadmap Integration Activities is posted to show upcoming events. Those interested in participating and receiving progress updates may register for the upcoming Stakeholder Engagement session on Tuesday, February 23rd here.

According to AESO, there are four integration pillars of energy storage enablement: transmission, tools, regulatory, and markets. Their Energy Storage Long-Term Markets Participation plan focuses on just that; it aims to allow for energy storage optimization, provide clarity on regulations related to energy storage, facilitate smooth integration between energy storage technologies, and reduce storage project costs. In the next nine to 12 months, AESO will be hosting internal technical and process report meetings, working toward the development process, and developing system modifications for active connection projects. The long-term implementation plan will include changes to AESO authoritative documents and stakeholder agreements along with energy storage integration. More information regarding key dates and plans can be found here.

AESO utilizes ramp table submissions to make informed dispatch decisions. With its ramp table submission solution, system operator analysis is being worked on to improve ramp rate information accuracy for participants. This project, along with the dispatch tolerance initiative, were created to help system controllers better manage systems under the Flexibility Roadmap.

As a part of the current plan, to make their data more reliable and secure, AESO has made its first Application Programming Interface (API) available for the public. The new API has been made available in XLM and JSON format to maximize usability for those who register. Instructions on how to connect to the AESO API page can be accessed here. For questions, contact

Adapt2 is committed to bringing informative news to its customers. For more information about AESO's market-related initiatives plan, click here.

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