ERCOT Market Participant Updates for May 2020

In the upcoming month ERCOT will be implementing several market-facing changes. These changes will help give more granularity into ERCOT market operations and increase visibility into renewable forecasting. These changes include: Two new MIS postings that will replace current ERCOT Wind Forecasting Design Documentation New public posting IRR Forecasting Process for downloading data associated with Renewable Generation Forecasts New secure posting for criteria for IRR Forecasts Total Solar Output will be included in Real-Time System Conditions display “Forecasted and Actual PVGRPower Production” data display will be added to ERCOT website for system-wide actual and forecasted solar power production Modifications to the Wind Integration report to include Installed Wind Capacity A new PVGR report will be created The modifications and new reports will be integrated into Adapt2’s prior to the May 26 go-live date, giving clients peace of mind that their operations will not be impacted by these changes.

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