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ERCOT Public API Certificate Change

As of today, ERCOT has replaced the current DigiCert issues production ERCOT API Public Key SSL certificate with an updated version as the current one has expired. This is a public certificate used by the External Web Services (EWS) for submitting to and downloading from the ERCOT Market Information System (MIS) portal and will impact all market participants. The new certificate has been posted to ERCOT’s website and will run parallel with the existing one until it expires on March 26, 2021. For Adapt2 customers, there is no source code change that will require an upgrade for this ERCOT Market Change. However, the new certificate will need to be installed on the application servers, and a configuration change applied to an Adapt2 settings file to utilize the new certificate. Accelerated Services customers will not need to complete any steps as the Adapt2 team will handle these changes and coordinate the timing with you. For internally managed customers, Adapt2 has sent you the instructions to complete these steps.

AESO Market Initiatives

AESO is planning for several market-related initiatives related to technology integration, market sustainability and accuracy, and systems to give stakeholders accurate information and reliable resources. Included in their market-related initiatives is the focus on the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Market Participation Initiative as a component of the DER Roadmap; its goal is to learn more about market participation and make AESO electricity markets accessible and fair. An updated version of the 2020-2021 Plan for DER Roadmap Integration Activities is posted to show upcoming events. Those interested in participating and receiving progress updates may register for the upcoming Stakeholder Engagement session on Tuesday, February 23rd here. According to AESO, there are four integration pillars of energy storage enablement: transmission, tools, regulatory, and markets. Their Energy Storage Long-Term Markets Participation plan focuses on just that; it aims to allow for energy storage optimization, provide clarity on regulations related to energy storage, facilitate smooth integration between energy storage technologies, and reduce storage project costs. In the next nine to 12 months, AESO will be hosting internal technical and process report meetings, working toward the development process, and developing system modifications for active connection projects. The long-term implementation plan will include changes to AESO authoritative documents and stakeholder agreements along with energy storage integration. More information regarding key dates and plans can be found here. AESO utilizes ramp table submissions to make informed dispatch decisions. With its ramp table submission solution, system operator analysis is being worked on to improve ramp rate information accuracy for participants. This project, along with the dispatch tolerance initiative, were created to help system controllers better manage systems under the Flexibility Roadmap. As a part of the current plan, to make their data more reliable and secure, AESO has made its first Application Programming Interface (API) available for the public. The new API has been made available in XLM and JSON format to maximize usability for those who register. Instructions on how to connect to the AESO API page can be accessed here. For questions, contact Adapt2 is committed to bringing informative news to its customers. For more information about AESO's market-related initiatives plan, click here.

ERCOT to Decommission Old MIS Portlet Site

ERCOT has announced it will decommission its old Market Information System (MIS) Portlet site on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, making it no longer available to market participants. Upgraded with more features, the new MIS site has been made available to the public since Wednesday, November 11, 2020 where users can access their data and applications easier. The platform allows for EMIL export and searches for notices, reports, extracts, and applications posted by ERCOT. While there is no need to request new digital certificates (as the existing digital certificates will continue to work), authentication using digital certificates is still required to access applications and secure data. Adapt2 will continue to keep clients up-to-date with market updates. More information about changes related to ERCOT's Market Information System (MIS) Portal site may be found here. If you have any questions, please contact your ERCOT Account Manager. You may also call the general ERCOT Client Services phone number at (512) 248-3900 or contact ERCOT Client Services via email at

NYISO Cipher Protocol Update

Originally scheduled to go into effect on January 31, 2021, as part of the Cipher Mitigation project, the NYISO Cipher/Protocol Update has now been extended to March 1, 2021. To avoid service connectivity problems with NYISO market applications, communication protocols and cipher communications must be updated as NYISO will not be supporting the TLS 1.0 protocol and any ciphers using DES, 3DES, or SHA1 after January 31st.
If your organization uses up-to-date Internet browsers to access market applications, there will not likely be an impact by this change. Should your organization use any system-to-system interface or automated process, however, please validate the following connections:

• All protocol connections should be using TLS 1.1 or higher. Upgrading to TLS 1.2 is recommended.
• All ciphers being used in connections should not include DES, 3DES, or SHA1. E.g. the following ciphers should no longer be used:

To confirm the appropriate changes have been made to your organization, utilize the Market Trials Environment. These changes should not impact the functionality of your organization’s digital certificates as long as a valid certificate is being used.

Should you need additional support, contact the NYISO Stakeholder Services Department at 518-356-6060.

SPP Multi-Day Forecast Testing – Markets Release 2.2

Effecting any and all market participants, members, customers, transmission owners and vendors. SPP will provide a forecast for resource commitments and prices for several days in the future. Integrated Marketplace (IM) participants will be able to better anticipate and plan for upcoming market changes. The study will provide up to four days of hourly commitment data. Prices will be shared through MUI, API and SPP’s Integrated Marketplace portal. Member impacting items contained in this release:
• Multi-Day Pricing and Commitment Forecast
• Allow Markets UI/API to display data older than 7 days
• MUI: Resource Offer Reports download
• New Commitment History operations requested
• MCE does not keep Reliability resources online to meet min run time requirement
• WEIS: PPRs that submit offers may be reported as mitigated Expect new queries within the Markets UI/API related to the outputs of the Multi-Day Forcast. These changes will need to be coded for Market Participant APIs. Expect an additional notification to the Market Participants indicating that the Multi-Day Forecast is available to be queried within the Markets UI/API. This notification will also need to be coded for the Market Participants APIs. The Adapt2 environment for testing will be available in early March 2021 in preparation of the April 20, 2021 implementation. Adapt2 is aware of the changes and has been tracking them through the SPP Stakeholder Meetings. The technical impacts are being reviewed by the Adapt2 development to help market participants complete the testing phase and production implementation. For more information please visit CWG Member Impact Project template (

CAISO Decommissions Legacy URLs

Effective February 1, 2021 CAISO has decommissioned the use of the following URLs for all API versions:

In addition, CAISO has removed the following artifacts from the CAISO Development Site: Settlements Interface for Scheduling Coordinators V4.6 SFTP provisioning and setup procedures Bill Determinant data (XSD) Invoice Data (XSD) Settlement Configuration (XSD) Settlement Data (XSD)/ changes: API section for Settlement file XSDs Adapt2 has made the necessary update to ensure a seamless transition.

Release 4.8.4

Release Date January 2021 Download Here:

SPP Markets Release 2.2

SPP will be putting a market participant impacting release into effect on April 20, 2021. The release contains the following items: • Multi-Day Pricing and Commitment Forecast Multi-Day Forecast (MD-FC) will provide a forecast for resource commitments and prices for several days into the future. • Allow Markets UI/API to display data older than 7 days Users will be able to view and query 10 days of historical data through the MUI and Market API. • MUI: Resource Offer Reports download Corrections were made to the Mitigated Resource Offers download and the Reserve Mitigated Resource Offers download. • New CommitmentHistory operations requested New parameters are included for CommitmentHistory operations. • MCE does not keep Reliability resources online to meet min run time This item impacts those resources that get committee for reliability reasons to keep them online through their minimum runtime in SPP’s studies. • WEIS: PPRs that submit offers may be reported as mitigated (WEIS only) Partial Participation Resources (PPRs) are not expected to submit offers. If submitted, MDB performs behavior tests and can enable the Mitigation Flag. This market change will include changes to the Market User Interface (MUI) and Market API and will affect the following Web Services: EnergyService EnergyNotifyService ReserveService ReserveNotifyService Adapt2 Solutions will continue to monitor the release impacts and work with clients to ensure that they are ready for the changes coming soon. For more information, please visit the following link: Member Impacting Project Overview Markets Release 2.2

Release 4.8.3

Release Date December 2020 Download Here:

ISO New England Divisional Accounting Update

The Divisional Accounting project was developed to address requests from participants for the ability to assign settlement accounts to business units for reporting purposes. Under the project, user-defined subaccounts allow customers to segregate their settlement reporting according to their business needs. Participants can designate assets and resources directly to a subaccount in the Customer and Asset Management System (CAMS); other activity-based transactions are assigned in their respective applications, such as eMarket, the Forward Capacity Tracking System (FCTS), and the Internal Transactions interface. As this project touches multiple user interfaces and reporting systems, implementation has been performed over several phases beginning in 2014. At the end of 2020 the Divisional Accounting project is now in Phase 10. As of January 2021, ISO New England (ISONE) market participants that have enabled divisional accounting to have several new reports available. These reports focus on informational reporting on ISO settlements by sub accounts in individual files. The new reports include: SD_REGDTL5MINSUB SD_REGHRLYDTLSUB SD_RSVASTDTLSUB SD_RSVDTL5MINSUB SD_RTASSET5MINSUB SR_REGSUMMARYSUB SR_RSVCHARGESUB SR_RSVSTLSUB SR_RSVZONESUMSUB For information on these individual reports please visit ISONE’s MIS Report Descriptions page. Adapt2 Solutions continues to monitor and migrate the Divisional Accounting updates and will be working with our clients to ensure reporting and allocation processes continue seamless as ISO-NE adds more Divisional Accounting details.

SPP Settlement Update

Effective January 1, 2021 SPP has implemented RR358 to provide a better mechanism for participants to recover costs by dividing Schedule 1-A charges into three new market-related charge types. Market participants, asset owners, transmission customers and owners and shadow settlement vendors are all impacted by this change. Market participants and their associated asset owners will see new bill determinants on the determinant reports, as well as new charge types in the determinant reports and settlement statements in support of RR358. Market Participants will also see those new charge type amounts flow through to the weekly invoices. RR358 will result in the removal of the Day-Ahead Virtual Energy Transaction Fee Amount, as well as the addition of three new charge types: · Transmission Congestion Rights Administrative Service · Integrated Marketplace Clearing Administrative Service · Integrated Marketplace Facilitation Administrative Service Adapt2 Solutions familiarize ourselves with all the above changes and the updated settlements calculations. Through Adapt2 Bid-to-Bill solutions, we have verified that Adapt2 is able to consume the new bill determinants and charge types provided with these changes for shadow settlement calculation and verifications.

PJM Hourly Submit Segmented Ramp Rates

Effective January 5, 2021, as part of the Markets Gateway Roadmap, PJM has enhanced the hourly differentiated segment ramp rates. This change impacts both Markets Gateway User Interface (UI) and XML users. Adapt2 has ensured that all PJM client submittals for resources in both the Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets are being processed.

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