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Market Release 1.24 will start testing in February 2018.

Contents of this release will include:

  • Quick start real time commitment changes

  • Quick start Appendix G and ECC clean up

  • Quick start multi – configuration ineligiblity

  • QSR corrention and clean up

  • Additional defects and enhancements TBD

Testing in MTE will be available on 2-8-18 – 2-22-18 MPs & MP Vendors Vendor and MP testing in MTE 2-23-18 – 4-3-18 MPs MP Testing Phase in MTE 4-19-18 SPP Markets Release 1.24 to production 5-26-18 SPP RR116, RR137, RR142 effective

Training Formal training is planned for this release to address the enhancements for Quick-Start Resources. Specifically, this training will focus on the changes to offer parameters as well as the commitment implications and settlements impacts that are part of this new functionality. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be available to field questions.

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