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SPP Multi-Day Forecast Testing – Markets Release 2.2

Effecting any and all market participants, members, customers, transmission owners and vendors. SPP will provide a forecast for resource commitments and prices for several days in the future. Integrated Marketplace (IM) participants will be able to better anticipate and plan for upcoming market changes. The study will provide up to four days of hourly commitment data. Prices will be shared through MUI, API and SPP’s Integrated Marketplace portal.

Member impacting items contained in this release: • Multi-Day Pricing and Commitment Forecast • Allow Markets UI/API to display data older than 7 days • MUI: Resource Offer Reports download • New Commitment History operations requested • MCE does not keep Reliability resources online to meet min run time requirement • WEIS: PPRs that submit offers may be reported as mitigated

Expect new queries within the Markets UI/API related to the outputs of the Multi-Day Forcast. These changes will need to be coded for Market Participant APIs.

Expect an additional notification to the Market Participants indicating that the Multi-Day Forecast is available to be queried within the Markets UI/API. This notification will also need to be coded for the Market Participants APIs.

The Adapt2 environment for testing will be available in early March 2021 in preparation of the April 20, 2021 implementation.

Adapt2 is aware of the changes and has been tracking them through the SPP Stakeholder Meetings. The technical impacts are being reviewed by the Adapt2 development to help market participants complete the testing phase and production implementation.

For more information please visit CWG Member Impact Project template (

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