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SPP Markets Release 2.2

SPP will be putting a market participant impacting release into effect on April 20, 2021. The release contains the following items:

• Multi-Day Pricing and Commitment Forecast

Multi-Day Forecast (MD-FC) will provide a forecast for resource commitments and prices for several days into the future.

• Allow Markets UI/API to display data older than 7 days

Users will be able to view and query 10 days of historical data through the MUI and Market API.

• MUI: Resource Offer Reports download

Corrections were made to the Mitigated Resource Offers download and the Reserve Mitigated Resource Offers download.

• New CommitmentHistory operations requested

New parameters are included for CommitmentHistory operations.

• MCE does not keep Reliability resources online to meet min run time

This item impacts those resources that get committee for reliability reasons to keep them online through their minimum runtime in SPP’s studies.

• WEIS: PPRs that submit offers may be reported as mitigated

(WEIS only) Partial Participation Resources (PPRs) are not expected to submit offers. If submitted, MDB performs behavior tests and can enable the Mitigation Flag.

This market change will include changes to the Market User Interface (MUI) and Market API and will affect the following Web Services:





Adapt2 Solutions will continue to monitor the release impacts and work with clients to ensure that they are ready for the changes coming soon. For more information, please visit the following link: Member Impacting Project Overview Markets Release 2.2

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