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Proposed NYISO Hybrid Storage and Solar Dispatch Project Update

NYISO is currently ‘a grid in transition’ undergoing several projects to help modernize their operations and integrate storage, distributed energy resources and various renewables. The goal of these projects is to align competitive markets with New York State Clean Energy Objectives and allowing for grid flexibility to improve capacity market valuation.

Upcoming Projects Include: • Hybrid Storage Modeling • Large Scale Solar Dispatch Hybrid Storage Modeling: This project will create modifications to existing market rules to include Co-Located Storage Resources (CSR). The current proposal states that the CSRs will have distinct point identifier, bid, schedule and settlement. This will lead to additional data volumes. Resources will have a single billing but can participate as both an Intermittent Power Resource (IPR) and Energy Storage Resource (ESR) under this hybrid model. All CSRs will be settled at the LBMP and POI. Lastly, Co-located Storage Resources can each offer all of their available capability into the Day-Ahead and Real-Time Markets. The ISO will account for the CSR Scheduling Limits in the schedules and dispatch it issues to CSR Generators. Generators with a real time physical operating problem that makes it impossible for it to operate in the bidding mode in which it was scheduled Day-Ahead or to achieve or comply with applicable operating parameters or requirements should notify the ISO. Once finalized Adapt2 will work with clients to ensure they have the data and reporting capabilities needed to operate within the CSR market rules.

Large-Scale Solar Dispatch: NYISO has recommended that front-of-the-meter solar resource be treated similarly to wind resources. With this proposal NYISO would require solar plants to submit flexible offers that indicate their willingness to generate at various price levels and to receive and respond to economic dispatch instruction to curtail output. Adapt2 will be monitoring this proposal to ensure we make necessary changes to our bid and offers modules, LBMP calculations and dispatch blotter. Adapt2 will also use the wind and solar forecasts supplied in the NYISO energy market’s economic commitment and dispatch to feed into the Tahoe data lake so clients will be able to utilize AI for renewable load forecasting.

For more information regarding these projects please visit:

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