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ISO New England Divisional Accounting Update

The Divisional Accounting project was developed to address requests from participants for the ability to assign settlement accounts to business units for reporting purposes. Under the project, user-defined subaccounts allow customers to segregate their settlement reporting according to their business needs. Participants can designate assets and resources directly to a subaccount in the Customer and Asset Management System (CAMS); other activity-based transactions are assigned in their respective applications, such as eMarket, the Forward Capacity Tracking System (FCTS), and the Internal Transactions interface. As this project touches multiple user interfaces and reporting systems, implementation has been performed over several phases beginning in 2014. At the end of 2020 the Divisional Accounting project is now in Phase 10.

As of January 2021, ISO New England (ISONE) market participants that have enabled divisional accounting to have several new reports available. These reports focus on informational reporting on ISO settlements by sub accounts in individual files. The new reports include:










For information on these individual reports please visit ISONE’s MIS Report Descriptions page.

Adapt2 Solutions continues to monitor and migrate the Divisional Accounting updates and will be working with our clients to ensure reporting and allocation processes continue seamless as ISO-NE adds more Divisional Accounting details.

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