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ERCOT Public API Certificate Change

As of today, ERCOT has replaced the current DigiCert issues production ERCOT API Public Key SSL certificate with an updated version as the current one has expired. This is a public certificate used by the External Web Services (EWS) for submitting to and downloading from the ERCOT Market Information System (MIS) portal and will impact all market participants. The new certificate has been posted to ERCOT’s website and will run parallel with the existing one until it expires on March 26, 2021.

For Adapt2 customers, there is no source code change that will require an upgrade for this ERCOT Market Change. However, the new certificate will need to be installed on the application servers, and a configuration change applied to an Adapt2 settings file to utilize the new certificate.

Accelerated Services customers will not need to complete any steps as the Adapt2 team will handle these changes and coordinate the timing with you. For internally managed customers, Adapt2 has sent you the instructions to complete these steps.

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