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Energy Market Interface Upgrade

The Energy Market Interface (EMI) which market participants use to engage with Ontario's physical energy markets is currently built on ORACLE’s ADF version 11.1.16 and WebLogic Server version 10.3.1. These versions are no longer distributed or supported by ORACLE which may make functionality improvements to these two applications not possible. Additionally, IESO will have limited ability to address security vulnerabilities that may arise with these ORACLE components.

To address this problem, EMI will be upgraded to the latest version of ORACLE ADF version 12.2 and ORACLE WebLogic version 12.2. With these upcoming changes, however, Adapt2 suite expects no system impacts with these changes.

On May 20, 2021, the upgrade will be deployed to the IESO’s Sandbox. To access, using Microsoft Edge, go to and enter your IESO Sandbox username and password. If you are not registered as a Sandbox user, register in Online IESO.

Once deployed, EMI users will need to use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer will no longer be supported starting June 2, 2021 and all users will have to access EMI using this external link. While this change affects users accessing EMI GUI interface, it does not affect API users. Other IESO applications are not affected at this time. Please refer to IESO Supported Client Platforms for more information regarding the systems which IESO supports.

As an additional note, when users access the application in Sandbox or Production for the first time (or in subsequent browser sessions), it is secure to click continue under “Advanced” and “Proceed” to enter your Username and Password to access and use EMI.

Adapt2 is happy to bring market information to its customers. More helpful links may found below:

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