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CAISO Fall 2021 Release

In the Fall 2021 Release, the California ISO (CAISO) will deploy numerous system changes from various projects and other efforts; the release is currently in the process of being implemented and the system changes are being implemented in a phased manner according to the dates listed below:

October 27

Master File OASIS

October 28

Settlements Market SIBR CMRI

November 1

EIM Base Schedule Submission Deadline Phase 1 This initiative will examine updates to the base schedule submission timeline (Phase 2 in Fall 2022) as well as the inclusion of startup energy below a resource’s minimum load (Phase 1 in Fall 2021):

  • Move market closing for the final binding EIM base schedule submissions from T-40 to T-30

    • Adding additional RSE at T-40

  • Include startup energy in an EIM base schedule

    • Include startup energy in the Resource Suffice

    • Reduction of imbalance energy settlements

Real-Time Settlement Review Phase 2 This project gives insight into some of the real-time settlement metrics the ISO reviews and analyzes by providing two changes to the ISO’s settlement calculations. This initiative reviews the real-time settlement charge codes associated with their interactions between the Balancing Authority Area (BAAs) in the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) and it is useful to identify inappropriate cost-shifting.

Intertie Shadow Pricing Resolution This initiative seeks to resolve the issue of intertie shadow pricing. This issue occurs 4-5 days per year. Although this issue has only occurred on the Malin intertie it could occur on any intertie.

Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources Phase 4 The purpose of this project is to cover enhancements related to the fourth phase of the ESDER initiative to continuously improve its interaction and participation models for both storage and distributed energy resources in the CAISO market.

November 30

Hybrid Resources Phase 2A Phase 2 focuses on modifications for hybrid generation resources and how these can be registered and configured to operate within the ISO market. The initiative will further develop solutions allowing developers to maximize the benefits of their resource’s configuration. Additionally, hybrid resource configurations also raise new operational and forecasting challenges that the ISO plans to address during this initiative.

All information is credited to CAISO's implementation plan document found here. A summarized timeline may be reviewed here. Adapt2 is prepared for these changes and is happy to bring this information to its clients.

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