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June 2019
ISO disabling certain ciphers for MIS FTP
ISO New England will be disabling certain weak ciphers on the Market Information System (MIS) secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server where the settlement reports and invoices are hosted. This change is needed to address the security vulnerabilities of those weak ciphers. Effective Friday, June 21, 2019
July 2019
IESO Updates Pre-Auction Capacity Report Timing
IESO communicated the pre-auction report published timeline for the December 2019 transitional capacity auction has been updated to align with the long-term resource adequacy forecast report in September. The resource adequacy forecast will be included in this year’s annual planning outlook document, which is also an input into the determination of the target capacity that is stated in the pre-auction report.
October 2019
Implement Transitional Capacity Auction (TCA) Phase I
The Transitional Capacity Auction (TCA) will evolve the existing Demand Response Auction (DRA) to enable competition between additional resource types, starting in December 2019. The TCA will allow the IESO to acquire resources required to ensure Ontario is reliable in a cost effective manner.
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